Decoding IELTS Writing

Master the art of IELTS Writing assessment, provide transformative feedback, and streamline your teaching with AI.


Niketa Mohabey

I am a Master IELTS Trainer and in this 2 Days Live Workshop, we will unlock the secrets to expert IELTS Writing assessment and take your tutoring to the next level!

This 2-day live online workshop empowers you with the tools and strategies to provide targeted feedback and streamline your instruction using AI technology.

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DATE & TIME: 11 May 2024 @5:00 pm | 12 May 2024 @10:00 am | IST


Elevate Your IELTS WRITING Tutoring Skills

Become an assessment expert

Confidently apply IELTS Band Descriptors

Transformative feedback

Guide students towards tangible improvement

Streamline with AI

Save time, enhance question generation, gain assessment insights

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In This Workshop

We Help You Master Teaching IELTS Writing & Implement Effective Assessment & Feedback.

Deep dive into the IELTS Band Descriptors for Writing

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of the scoring criteria used in IELTS Writing. Learn to interpret the nuances of each band and apply them consistently to student work.

Expert strategies for accurate and efficient scoring

Develop time-saving techniques and proven methods to assess IELTS Writing responses with both speed and precision.

Formulating constructive and actionable feedback

Master the art of providing feedback that pinpoints areas of improvement, motivates students, and offers clear pathways to progress.

Introduction to GenAI for IELTS Writing support

Explore the capabilities of GenAI and discover how this innovative technology can support your assessment and teaching processes.

Generating diverse practice questions tailored to student needs

Learn to use GenAI to create targeted practice questions that address individual student weaknesses and help them prepare effectively for the exam.

Utilizing AI-assisted feedback to improve student outcomes

Discover how AI can enhance your feedback process, offering insights into common errors and suggesting areas for improvement.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

We empower you with the necessary resources and tools for a lifetime.

15 Sample Papers
15 Answer Samples
PDF Ebook
Video Recording
15+ AI Prompts

Elevate Your IELTS Tutoring

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