Certified TEFL Trainer Program

Certified TEFL Trainer Program

Course Duration

3 Months


20 Hours with Stipend

Discover Your Pathway to Global English Teaching

Inzpira‘s Certified TEFL Trainer Program is more than a TEFL certification – it’s your passport to a world of teaching opportunities. This program is designed to produce expert TEFL trainers, armed with the knowledge, skills, and certification required to make a mark on a global scale.

Internationally Accredited Certification

Elevate your credentials with our Level 3, 120-hour TEFL certification, recognized and valued across the globe. This program is accredited by ALAP, UK, ensuring its credibility and quality on an international scale.

Experience and Quality

We believe in the value of practical experience. With us, you’ll complete several practicum sessions, earning an Experience Certificate that attests to your hands-on training skills. We also back the quality of your training with Inzpira’s Promissory Certificate, standing as a testament to your competence and quality as a trainer.

Optional Dual Certification Upgrade

Elevate your qualifications with our optional TESOL certification upgrade. This unique opportunity allows you to hold dual certifications, enhancing your versatility and increasing your appeal to potential employers worldwide.

Course Content

Discover the core components of our TEFL Certification Program here. Each module is meticulously designed to transform you into an exceptional trainer.

  • 1
    Understanding learning & Teaching Platforms
  • 2
    Objective Analysis
  • 3
    Need analysis for learners
  • 4
    Teaching techniques
  • 5
    Emotional intelligence
  • 6
    Curriculum Designing
  • 7
    Lesson Plan Making
  • 8
    Tone difference
  • 9
    Creative Visualisation
  • 10
    Pronunciation and Accent Difference
  • 11
    Grammar Training & Discussion

How to get started?

Course Highlights
  • Promissory Certificate

    Inzpira's Promissory Certificate serves as a seal of our faith in your training quality. This certificate testifies to your skills and competencies as a Certified TEFL trainer.

  • Experience Counts

    With every practicum you complete as part of this program, you'll receive an Experience Certificate, offering tangible proof of your proficiency in the field of TEFL training.

Course Summary

Secure your global teaching career with Inzpira's TEFL Certification. As an accredited TEFL trainer, you'll gain enhanced English teaching skills and confidence. Unlock global opportunities with Inzpira's certification, your gateway to international teaching.

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Course Fees: ₹35,000/- +GST

  • “Enrolling in Inzpira’s Master Trainer Program was one of my best decisions. I felt a personal connection with the trainers, who were always ready to help and guide. My teaching skills were honed, and the global certifications have opened doors for me worldwide. My dream of being an international trainer is now a reality, thanks to Inzpira.”

    Priya Khanna

    Priya Khanna

Inzpira Is A global platform transforming educators into certified trainers.

Inzpira Is A global platform transforming educators into certified trainers.

We're dedicated to empowering educators. We transform teachers into globally certified trainers through comprehensive training, tools, and support.