IELTS General - Mock Writing Test

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Important Instructions

  1. IELTS Writing has two tasks and you should complete both the tasks within 60 Minutes [1 hour]
  2. Click on the tabs below to view the questions for each tasks.
  3. You will find a form below for you to either Type In your answers or you can write the answers in a paper, take a photo/scan and upload it. You can choose either way to submit your answers.
  4. You can attempt the exam only once. Re-submissions won’t be evaluated.
  5. Once the counter hits 0, you will be exited and redirected from the exam.
  6. Please submit your valid email id and phone number for us to send you the detailed feedback and evaluation card.
  7. All the best

How to attend the exam?

3 Easy Steps
Read the questions under each tasks
You will find two tabs below with Task 1 & Task 2 Heading
Type Online or Write Your Answer on A Paper
You will have to finish the exam in 60 minutes. You can either upload your answer or type online.
Submit Your Answers For Evaluation
Once you complete Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking, we will get the results in 48 Hours.

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IELTS Writing - General
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