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At Inzpira, we offer comprehensive communication training that covers everything from business English to public speaking. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills for a new job or simply want to be more confident in your ability to communicate effectively, we can help. With our guidance, you’ll be able to learn the necessary tools to advance in your career and stand out from the competition. So don’t wait – communication success starts here at Inzpira!

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The level takes the learner a step closer to formal communication and building a strong professional network through social media handles. The level includes multiple practice lessons to strengthen the e-mail writing, interview skills and language proficiency of the learner.

What you will learn

  • The learner understands effective ways to participate and engage in meetings. 
  • The right key to communicate in business negotiations and the ways to effectively handle problems in a professional setting are discussed. 
  • Learners are acquainted with the professional networking site LinkedIn: the productive ways of optimizing their LinkedIn profile, and the potential ways of channelizing the available resources are discussed. 

  • Learners get a better insight into the ways to expand their businesses through the tools available in professional networking sites. 
  • This semester includes real life simulations such as interviews and role plays. 
  • Extensive practice activities to improve the fluency, accent clarity and listening skills of the learner. 

Program Overview

Business English- Meetings, Negotiation and Problem solving 

⏱️ 7-10 Hours

This section includes the etiquette and language skills required in a business setting to effectively negotiate with people to arrive at a win-win situation, without disrupting the professional relationship. It also discusses the means of settle disputes or differences at workplace with appropriate communication skills.

Topics covered: 

  1. Setting up meetings
  2. Real and Virtual meetings
  3. Tone difference
  4. Negotiation
  5. Problem solving
  6. Business presentation
  7. Webinars

Email writing practice 

⏱️ 3-5 Hours

This section simulates email writing scenarios which are more likely to come across at one’s workplace. The coach gives their input and discusses the areas of improvement. 

LinkedIn- Professional networking and Branding 

⏱️ 6 – 8 Hours

This section helps the learner channelize the resources available in professional networking site LinkedIn to boost their personal as well as professional brand. It also introduces the learner to various paid or free tools that come in handy through these platforms.

Topics include: 

  1. Personal branding and profile optimization
  2. Objective and target audience
  3. Tools for network building
  4. Generating business leads
  5. Content generation for branding
  6. Job application and networking

Mock interviews 

⏱️ 5 – 6 Hours

This section is intended at helping the learners understand the effective ways to tackle job interviews and outperform the competitors. The interview hacks are discussed, and feedback is extended by the coaches at the end of each session. 

Simulations through role plays 

⏱️ 5 – 8 Hours

This section is for extensive practice of the learner to help them understand the right ways to respond to various formal situations through real life like simulations such as role plays. 

Guided practice sessions for fluency and enhancement of listening skills 

⏱️ 45 – 50 Hours

This section includes a wide array of practice sessions with coaches to help the learner boost their confidence to communicate in English through structured practice lessons and simulations which are pre-defined. These sessions are followed by detailed feedback and corrections suggested by coaches for self-improvement. This exercise helps eventually strengthen the fluency of learners.

This section includes: 

  • Talking sessions
  • Picture description
  • Video description
  • Audio description
  • Listening test

Final Assessment & Certification

Have you ever had this problem? You need to communicate a lot of information effectively, while at the same time preserving your relationships and avoiding your message being misinterpreted. Imagine how much more confident you’d feel if you could do this, while also making it interesting for your audience to listen to you.

We live in a fast-paced world of instant messaging, social media, and 24/7 news cycles. And this means that communicating effectively has never been more important. Whether it’s networking with clients, nailing the job interview, or connecting with the right people at parties, chances are your professional and personal success depends on how you communicate. Which is why we created Inzpira.

Inzpira is a platform gives you the confidence and empowers you to become the best communicator you can be

We’re proud to announce the launch of Inzpira’s flagship 300 Hours English Communication Development Program.

This program is India’s first and most comprehensive English Communication Development Program. It’s not just a course, it’s a stepping stone to opening up a world of opportunities for you. We begin your journey with basic grammar and vocabulary and proceed till expert level of English communication skills and finally master the art of soft-skills. At Inzpira, we prepare you to communicate in the modern work environment by exploring many facets of human interactions. Nothing can be as enriching as learning English with Inzpira owing to the way its taught by experts. We ensure that you walk away from our center as an expert communicator with a power packed toolbox for various aspects of your life.

This flagship program is designed for individuals who are serious about developing their communication skills. Inzpira’s experienced, certified trainers are among the best in the world in their respective fields. Our curriculum, which is recognized by international standards, covers a wide range of communication-related topics that include both business and social aspects of communication as well as self-improvement.

The course is divided into four semesters that each have a well-defined outcome. This enables the learners to know what they need to do and how they can do it to achieve their goals. The syllabus includes speaking, writing, reading and listening in addition to business and soft skills development. Once you are enrolled for Inzpira, every session won’t only teach you but will also take you to the next level. So actually you don’t need to waste time thinking too much about whether it will work or not because here’s what we guarantee: Confident face = Confident voice = Confident Person = Success in English communication.

This professional certificate program is taught by Expert coaches hand picked by Inzpira. Inzpira provides an immersive learning opportunity by making you surround yourself with expert coaches who speak English and interact with them one to one. The more you converse, the better you develop your communication skills. The individual coaching sessions are tailored to each person’s needs, and the multiple coaches provide different perspectives and expertise. As a result, Inzpira is an ideal way to improve your communication skills.


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  1. Raveendran Nair

    Completed 4 semester, Very Good experienceInteractive sessions.

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  2. Amruthesh Chatterjee

    Great experience & really effective training methodology

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    Personal Development Program – Semester 4
    Personal Development Program – Semester 4


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